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Our Current Mission

Through compassionate, hands on, and patient driven solutions, we aim to remove the threat of cancer one shot at a time so that one day all people will know a life without the deadly threat of cancer

The Research

We support the continued groundbreaking research and application of Dr. Brian Czerniecki and his team's NON-Toxic Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy now treating Stage 4 cancer patients

Our Founder

USCHI KESZLER is an Olympic athlete and 6 -Time Olympic coach who also served 4 years on the United States Olympic Committee. Having survived tubuculosis in her youth, and more recently surviving both breast and uterine cancer, Uschi is determined to see cancer cured in her lifetime. She founded Pennies in Action® in 2007 and has been instrumental in raising funds for Dr. Brian Czerniecki’s breakthrough non-toxic cancer therapy.  Uschi brings the 'Olympic Approach' to solving cancer, ONLY supporting Dr. Czerniecki and his team's efforts in order to get this incredible NON-Toxic Therapy across the finish line ...achieving a "Gold Medal" WIN for MANKIND!

The Primary Investigator

DR. BRIAN CZERNIECKI, MD, PhD, is the Department Chair and Senior Member in the Moffitt Cancer Center Department of Breast Oncology as well at Professor Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Czerniecki has more than 150 peer reviewed publications. He is recognized internationally for his contribution to the development of sentinel lymph node mapping, a procedure for determining the spread of cancer, and most importantly his phenomenal work with the Dendritic cell and the immune system as the primary investigator for he and his team's NON-TOXIC Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy now treating STAGE 4 cancer patients.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

The Team

DR. GARY KOSKI, PhD, Veteran Professor and Immunologist at Kent State University and Investigative Partner with Dr. Czerniecki since days together back at the National Institute of Health. Dr. Koski has been integral in the advancement of this Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy. For more information on the rest of the incredible team located at the Czerniecki Lab CLICK HERE.

Our Initiatives

We want everyone involved, supporting this therapy. We have compiled initiatives for every generation.  Please follow our Social Media links at the bottom of the page and use our Contact page to share your email to stay connected and updated.  Patients, Kids and the Next Generation all have a way to participate in our mission to end the threat of cancer, leave no patient behind, keeping families together!

Prayers In Action



"I came out of retirement as a veteran immunologist to work with Dr. Czerniecki. I knew he was years ahead of everyone else. I also knew when he published something he was absolutely sure of the science."

Happy Researcher

"As a double cancer survivor I saw the need to bring the Olympic approach to solving cancer.  In the Olympics you go for the gold, crossing the finish at all costs. This finish line SAVES LIVES!"

Happy Founder

"I've been involved in a lot of charities, this one is like no other.  They are laser focused to gain as many resources as possible to help the patients.  Saving lives is their only business!"

Happy Donor