Getting this vaccine, means that I can wake up every morning and not worry about having breast cancer. It means that the rest of my life can go on, without the dread fear of something being terribly wrong.


Getting diagnosed with breast cancer was the worst thing that ever happened to me, being able to participate in this trial was the best. It was simple, painless and totally provided me with the best possible chance in the world of never being a breast cancer patient again.


Throughout my five year journey as a breast cancer patient, I have lost many, many friends. They were not as lucky as I was to be able to have this vaccine. Their deaths were a final insult in a horrible process. My experience was that I got six shots over a six week period. No pain, no discomfort and my cancer was gone.


It is my greatest wish that all people with cancer have the opportunity that I had. Dr. Czerniecki has said that in order to treat cancer, we need to fix the immune defect that lets it grow in our body. This vaccine does this and without any toxicity or side effects.


I am forever grateful to all that came before me who helped get this vaccine in research. Dr. Czerniecki and his team of researchers and all the people who raised the funds and have sup-ported this research deserve a world of thanks. Pennies in Action carried the ball by totally fund-ing this trial during the recession when government funds were nowhere to be found. Women have survived solely due to the valiant efforts of Uschi Keszler and her group of volunteers.


It is so important that this work continues until we no longer have people suffering and dying from this horrible cancer.


Shelley Dodt





Lucky, lucky me!! I received Dr Brian Czerniecki's dendritic cell vaccine for cancer!


I was diagnosed in 2013 with breast cancer for the second time...this time in my other breast. I wanted to do something more than just treat the cancer. I searched for a clinical trial so I could help to advance the treatment and prevention of cancer. This was important to me, not just because this was my second bout with breast cancer, but because ten of the twelve siblings in my family had been diagnosed with cancer by age 50, including five sisters with breast cancer, plus a niece diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30. (Our family has tested negative for known genes.)


The vaccine treatment had no side effects at all. My tumor was gone by the time I had surgery. I confidently decided to forgo radiation. And best of all, my immune system demonstrated a good immune response to cancer cells. This is a great way to treat cancer!! What's more, lab tests indicate that this vaccine treatment may also protect me against other solid tumor cancers. Lucky me to have found and qualified for this clinical trial, so I could receive this amazing vaccine! Now, my dream is that all of my family, and people everywhere,will be able to get it too.


Pennies In Action provided funding which made this vaccine available to me for this clinical trial. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Brian Czerniecki and his research staff for their vision and dedication to the development of this groundbreaking vaccine; to Uschi Keszler, founder of Pennies in Action, for her enthusiastic support which keeps this vital research alive; and to the donors to Pennies in Action for their generosity and confident hope for a cure for cancer.


Happy Birthday, Pennies in Action!!

Anne Wardlow





I have been battling breast cancer off and on for for the last 25 years; 1989 I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast. At that time I was on the "cutting edge" of treatment which meant a lumpectomy versus a mastectomy, one can only  imagine at the age of 30, I was not ready for a mastectomy.  I received a lumpectomy followed by 6 weeks of radiation and then 6 months of chemotherapy.   In October of 2009 I celebrated reaching 20 years of being cancer free, only to be diagnosed two months later with breast cancer again, this time the occurrence was in the right breast.  I had a mastectomy followed by 6 months of chemotherapy; in additional to chemotherapy there was a "new treatment - herceptin.  Herceptin was to be taken for one year and its' purpose was to give me extra protection from any further breast cancer.   Then in 2014 I was diagnosed again with breast cancer in the left breast.


Throughout the last 9 years Uschi Keszler has been talking about the breast cancer vaccination that Dr Czerniecki has been working on. Uschi could not speak enough about the work that was (is) being done to create this vaccination.  After speaking with Uschi about my latest round of breast cancer diagnosis it became clear that MAYBE just MAYBE I would be a candidate for the study. After a consult with Dr Czerniecki he suggested that he take a look at my cancer slides to see if it was HER2+.  Dr Czerniecki called and informed me that I was HER2+ and therefore a candidate for his vaccination.  I was very excited to be able to participate in this ground breaking study, I was going to become a part (in essence) of history.  If I go do anything to help further this cause I was going "pay the price" to do it.  The process of the vaccination was non-invasive and simpler than any treatment that I had ever received before.  The best part  ...  the vaccination worked,  after they removed the breast tissue and tested it, the cancer was GONE!!!!!!!!!!


Imagine if your mother, daughter, sister, aunt or friend could have this vaccination against breast cancer versus going through diagnosis followed by surgery and then the often unfriendly cancer treatments.  We need to bond together and fight to find funding so that Dr Czerniecki and his team(s) can continue this amazing work.  Dr Czerniecki's breast cancer vaccination is merely the beginning of a new era in PREVENTION for breast cancer (and others he is working on) versus difficult treatments after diagnosis.


Terry McCabe





Cancer.  The Big C.  "You have cancer."  These are words no one wants to hear.  It sends you spiraling into a painful emotional journey that no one should have to take. I have been dealing with breast cancer for three years. Having endured a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, a mastectomy, radiation, Herceptin and breast reconstruction, I have held onto one bright light of hope.  Dr. Czierniecki's vaccine.  It kept me moving forward when I wanted to jump off this cancer carousel.

 This vaccine means a life without having to hear those dreadful words again.  It means more time to enjoy the people I love.  It means continuing to see my children grow into adulthood.  It means holding grandchildren one day.  It means traveling with my husband.  It means feelilng the warm sunshine. Things so often taken for granted now mean so much.  This vaccine means that my daughter won't have to ever be diagnosed with this scary disease and its toxic treatments.  This vaccine proves that God answers prayers.


God Bless You Dr. Czierniecki. Thank you for giving me a future.


Santa Kelly




I never knew there was a vaccine for Her-2 neu.


I knew a long list of friends, family and acquaintances that had been diagnosed with various kinds of cancer.  But, they were all out there beyond arms reach while I was happy in my “safe space” ---  UNTOUCHED!


My annual mammography blasted me out my “safe space”.


In 2007 I became “one of them”.


I was diagnosed with DCIS.


Given three choices of surgeons at Penn, I called to make an appointment.  The faster I had a “plan” the sooner I could make a commitment to get through the process no matter what it entailed.  I was determined to put all this behind me and get back to living my life.


I chose the surgeon who had an opening in two days.  I did not know that I was being led by the hand of God at this time but I would realize it later.


I had my appointment with Dr. Czerniecki, did some preliminary testing and a few days later he called me back to tell me that I qualified for a clinical trial he was running for my particular type of breast cancer.  He basically explained that they would use my white blood cells to create a vaccine that would trigger my immune system to attack the cancer.


I did not have to give this a second of thought.  We have vaccines for all kinds of other illnesses so why not one to treat cancer.  I gave an immediate answer of “yes”!  It was a no brainer for me.


I had a plan!


A plan far beyond what I could have imagined.  We got scheduled right away for the preliminary procedures including the harvesting of my white cells.


The protocol required two shots a week for four weeks.  After the first two shots I had the chills for about seven hours.  After that I felt great.  I did not skip a beat in my daily living.  Unlike having chemo, I did not have to spend days in bed only to repeat the process repeatedly for weeks on end.  I did not lose my hair, did not experience “chemo brain”, nausea or neuropathy.


It was all so easy and painless!


The vaccine for me, resulted in very high immune levels, sentinel nodes that were free of cancer and a dismissal by my oncologist [he no longer needed to see me!] which was totally unexpected.


Receiving this vaccine has given me such peace of mind.  I do not feel I have to look over my shoulder.  I do not live in fear.  My family is delighted because they too have peace of mind and are free from fear.

I never had time to feel fear because the program moved quickly.  However, I saw huge fear, almost terror in the faces of my daughters when I told them of my diagnosis.


When I returned for my yearly mamo, the report showed that I now had DCIS in the other breast.  Not as much this time, but it was there.


A lumpectomy showed that the cells were all dead.


The vaccine continues to protect!


Today, seven years later, I am still in awe of this process.  To experience a cure and continued protection and not be traumatized in the process both emotionally and physically still seems almost unbelievable to me.


The fact that this vaccine preparation process can be styled to fight other types of cancer is huge.


But first, FDA approval is needed.  More trials are needed and that translates into the one great need to see this happen – MONEY to fund the process.


I want the world to have access to what I received.  I liken this to the polio vaccine that eradicated a dreaded disease.  This vaccine process can also eradicate a widespread, multi-dimensional dreaded disease.  It can stop suffering and allow the recipient to live fearlessly.  Happiness is having this vaccine.


I have truly been blessed.


Karen H. Berner

Vaccine Recipient – June/July 2007



Cancer.  The Big C.  "You have cancer."  These are words no one wants to hear.  It sends you spiraling into a painful emotional journey that no one should have to take. I have been dealing with breast cancer for three years. Having endured a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, a mastectomy, radiation, Herceptin and breast reconstruction, I have held onto one bright light of hope.  Dr. Czierniecki's vaccine.  It kept me moving forward when I wanted to jump off this cancer carousel.

 This vaccine means a life without having to hear those dreadful words again.  It means more time to enjoy the people I love.  It means continuing to see my children grow into adulthood.  It means holding grandchildren one day.  It means traveling with my husband.  It means feelilng the warm sunshine. Things so often taken for granted now mean so much.  This vaccine means that my daughter won't have to ever be diagnosed with this scary disease and its toxic treatments.  This vaccine proves that God answers prayers.


God Bless You Dr. Czierniecki. Thank you for giving me a future.


Santa Kelly




The combined efforts of Dr. Brian Czerniecki, Uschi Keszler and the Pennies in Action Foundation have saved may people’s lives since I started to get involved with Uschi Keszler’s cause seven years ago. During my 2009 Hope Tour, we launched the Global Initiative of Pennies in Action.


Uschi Keszler is a lifelong champion and survivor, and these qualities have made her the most qualified person to lead the global campaign to defeat cancer.


I have witnessed Uschi Keszler’s and Dr. Brian Czerniecki’s spirit of humility and discipline. Their dedication to set an end to the suffering of cancer patients is inspirational!


A specific example that I would like to share is how both, Uschi Keszler and Dr. Brian Czerniecki, are focused on the patients:

·  Uschi has spent countless hours taking patients to the hospital for their treatments, putting them up at her house (free of charge!), sharing her compassion with patients during every step of their treatments.  She’s a true Advocate!


·  Dr. Czerniecki is focused on the patient and what is best for the patient. His compassion and support for his patients are a testimonial to his impeccable character.


Uschi Keszler and Dr. Brian Czerniecki have a laser focused purpose, and they both have made personal sacrifices for the cause. They both have spent uncountable hours on the wellbeing of the patients without being compensated for it.


We have to support people with these rare qualities!  I’m proud to be a part of this Global Initiative to defeat cancer.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Helena Nyman





I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and admiration for Uschi Keszler, a visionary, who build an empire (Pennies In Action) to support research which already proved to save the lives of many women.


I have been working in immunotherapy for years and try to develop new vaccines in order to help women to fight cancer.  Our efforts are not ending to find new ways to treat disease but the constant struggle to get funded to move ahead with amazing new findings which contribute to the field of immunotherapy.


One of our collaborators, Dr. Brian Czerniecki paired up his scientific effort with Uschi Keszler an energetic visionary whose help let this novel research happen.  As a result of their combined effort Dr. Brian Czerniecki’s revolutionary work with the full support of Uschi Keszler already saved multiple lives and released the suffering of many women who battled with cancer.


Pennies In Action followed my work and we built up a collaboration with Uschi Keszler and Brian Czerniecki.  Mrs. Keszler’s vision and relentless work created a real team of champions of cancer fighters, assembling the leaders of the field.  We already started to create new dendritic cell vaccine trials to help women who are fighting with ovarian and endometrial cancers. Her belief, brilliant advocacy and unremitting work are helping to move this science ahead.  Her non-profit organization supports us to create a light of hope for women who already have given up the fight against cancer.



Sincerely yours,




Janos L. Tanyi, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Gynecologic Oncology

Division of Gynecologic Oncology

University of Pennsylvania



I went to U of P and went thru the trial and I am Cancer free of my Hr2, I believe the Trial was highly successful and Dr. Czerniecki  and his staff were very compassionate and informative from A to Z regarding the Process. It was a simple trial and was painless. I feel much better since the Trial and my husband said Dr Czerniecki found the fountain of youth because my skin has a glow to it also my hairdresser said my hair was growing thicker then ususal.


One of the most Important things is my Immune system is very High which is very Healthy and keeps me from getting sick.l No signs of the Cancer and if I do have a reoccurance I know the Vaccine will kill the cancer.


Marie Halpin-Gallo





I am Shepherd Clark, an elite professional athlete in figure skating, as well as an entrepreneur in various industries, including my own company which helps charities to generate money creatively through retail jewelry, media, and special events...I have known Uschi Keszler since I was a child knowing her as an Olympic athlete, coach of Olympic Champions & World Champions who's own students have become coaches of multiple Olympic Champions. I have come to know Uschi also as the survivor of three life threatening diseases which relate directly to her charity mission today.


I have designed "The Golden Penny", a $100 pin which advertises the cause, celebrating the first $1,000,000 Uschi Keszler had raised. The $100 represents 10,000 pennies one has provided to a goal we have set. We have the plans to fund raise worldwide, yet we need assistance to get word out in the media. We have sought media masters to assist our media packaging, and fund raising.


Pennies In Action is capable of generating spectacular support worldwide through the charity retail and media production plans that we have set in motion.....The support sought is in two main areas which are for the vaccine's phase three trial, and for the media exposure of this very worthy cause.


It only takes about 200,000 people to buy  "The Golden Penny"  to finance the Phase Three Trials. We have many other jewels that we can sell for additional fund raising options, so any monies that are provided for the expansion of this campaign, as well as masterful assistance with the media is going to springboard the financial success we seek and likely far beyond. What's needed is simple.


IF THERE WERE EVER a qualified person to orchestrate a global campaign to defeat cancer, it is Uschi Keszler. She is a lifelong champion, survivor, creator of champions, as well as the creator of people who go on to reproduce what she produced in them. This is key, because today's economic reality demands that we place our resources calculatingly into areas in which these resources will reproduce and deliver a reciprocal model of perpetual return. I have witnessed Uschi Keszler and  Dr. Brian Czerniecki go from one penny to millions in generated funds, with a spirit of humility and discipline. In all of my fund raising experience, I have never seen anyone or anything like Pennies  In Action as a model of nonprofit corporate discipline, dedicated to the end goal of delivering to the world one of the most needed breakthroughs in history....They already have the solution to cancer, thus it is simply a matter of follow through to push this past the final FDA multi city trial, and it's the pleasure of my philanthropic life to be a part of this historic team who have become family to many good people around the world...What I have witnessed very closely is an inspirational story worthy of a screenplay at some point,...which shows a uniquely successful woman succeeding against all the odds. Despite her history of successes,.....she is doubted when faced with what many consider to be "impossible". She sets out to defeat cancer on a promise she made to a dying friend who had saved her life many years before. Now it is Uschi's chance to give back to a woman who saved her using her life of discipline in sports and health to defeat one of mankind's greatest enemies, cancer.


Becoming an Olympic star and defeating cancer have something very much in common. They both require the individual to believe in what many good people consider to be impossible. Uschi Keszler has sacrificed MUCH personally to deliver on the promise that she made to a dying friend, who had helped to save her life years earlier. Uschi and her husband are successful people, thus Uschi is in a position to live very comfortably resting upon her laurels, however what I have witnessed in years of observing Uschi is laser focused single mindedness of purpose and consistent personal sacrifice to a degree that I have never seen anywhere else in my lifetime. I believe Uschi is going to succeed.


Dr. Czerniecki already has the science proving the vaccine works. It is just up to Uschi to fund raise  to pass the only remaining FDA requirement, which is a multi city trial.....They already know it works.


In one of their promotional videos, a statement is made which is profound,..."The life you are saving, may be your own." Cancer rates have skyrocketed. We need this medical breakthrough immediately.


Shepherd Walton Clark (909) 217 5643 LA, CA USA

RFCJ LLC "The Crystal Carpet" Media Retail Founder

WFSO Hall of Fame 2015 World Figure Silver Medalist

International Figure Skating Champion US Olympic Alt.

The WORLD ART Economic Elevation Plan Founder

PENNIES IN ACTION Advisory Board / Philadelphia



I am Melissa Nicholas, patient number #3 in Dr. Brian Czerniecki’s Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy Trial against HER-2neu Recurrence. Having gone through EVERY traditional treatment for invasive stage 2/3 HER-2neu breast cancer, I can say with ALL confidence this treatment is a welcomed and effective change to the way cancer is treated. Pennies In Action and Uschi Keszler are the awaited combination to make it happen!

To share a little about the treatment comparisons, Pheresis of the patient’s white blood cells can be done in one sitting, where chemotherapy infusions take MANY sittings. The shots take a moment, while infusions take hours. The side effects of the dendritic cell immunotherapy were nil as the side effects from chemotherapies interrupt quality of life. I often make the joke, “After ‘chemo’ I lost my lunch, after immunotherapy I went out to lunch!” There is truly no comparison for the patient. The most taxing part of the treatment is getting to Philadelphia as I live in Florida with a busy schedule working, married, and raising two children.


Lastly, and VERY importantly, the assurance I now have from lab testing is phenomenal! Previous to this therapy, I had ZERO immune response against HER-2Neu in my blood work the lab. I was WIDE open for recurrence. Now, after 6 shots over 6 weeks, and 3 booster shots spread over 3 month intervals, I now show the immune response of someone who NEVER had HER-2neu Breast Cancer! You can imagine what this does to someone’s psyche, emotional, and physical state. When a patient does not have to worry about recurrence it gives a whole new level of confidence and lease on life!


Any course of action that would not promote this treatment as standard care as soon as possible is a travesty and negligent to mankind. When traditional toxic treatments play a major role in ending a patient’s good quality of life, we MUST SUPPORT such treatments that do exactly the opposite. I implore anyone, from the bottom of my heart, to be a part of helping Pennies In Action make this paradigm shift a reality. There is no other cancer foundation that has taken the ‘Olympic Targeted’ approach to solving cancer.

With Uschi Keszler’s 50 years of Olympic experience as a coach and competitor, along with being a two time cancer survivor, she is perfect to lead the charge on a global level. Uschi is the “real deal” authentically serving the patient making countless airport runs, hosting in her personal home, and accompanying patients to multiple appointments. Uschi knows exactly what’s involved in getting a patient treated. Down to the penny, she helps the lab keep costs at optimum efficiency. Uschi has been known to get the model number and negotiate “bottom dollar deals” on lab equipment, even getting additional supplies and upgrades as donations from supply companies. Uschi takes managing resources very seriously. When children are giving up their lunch money to support this research and there is a patient waiting list , Uschi is watching every penny for the patient, literally!


If ever there was someone we can trust with our donations it is Uschi Keszler...as I shared earlier, Uschi is the authentic ‘REAL DEAL’ down to the penny. Pennies In Actions research donations prove such with an unheard of 95% of contributions going to the research costs!

I would invite anyone reading this letter to be reminded, each and every one of us can use our power and influence for good, choosing a path of a legacy where we have helped to save millions! Everyday 1500 people die of cancer. We can be part of making that number drop and even stop one day very soon. Join our crusade and become part of “Making Cancer History!”

We, as patients, look forward to hearing from you and seeing your support for this crusade to end the suffering of cancer for mankind.


With the most heartfelt regards,

Melissa Nicholas

Proud patient #3 of Dr. Czerniecki’s D.C. Immunotherapy Against HER-2 Recurrence And now giving back as the Proud

Exec. Director of Patients In Action

an Initiative of Pennies In Action







What is “ Pennies in Action” – It is a Journey just as Life is a Journey. It started with a jar for “Pennies”  in 2007 and through the amazing work And total dedication of Uschi Keszler, it has grown into an organization that Gives cancer patients  the greatest gift they can ever  get  -  HOPE  ! “Pennies in Action” is an organization that has one Goal :   A Life Without Cancer.


Uschi Keszler, as founder and CEO, has formed a fund that gives  95 % directly to

Research and that is just one of the reasons we support this fund whole heartedly.


Not only is Uschi Keszler an Olympian and a double cancer survivor,  she  is one of the

most sincere and focused  people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing  and she

has become not only someone we admire but also one of our dearest  Friends.

Uschi was not only an Olympian in life, she has been working day and night  building an Olympic Team  to defeat Cancer . We firmly believe with the much needed funding this goal can be reached,  we are honored to be major supporters of  “ Pennies in Action”

When my wife was first diagnosed with cancer immunology was not an option.

Today thanks to the determination of Uschi  Keszler and the remarkable work of

doctors like Dr. Brian Czerniecki  we believe “ The  Cure is Within” thanks to cancer vaccines.


We hope that everyone takes this opportunity to become a member of this Olympic Team by Helping to fund “ Pennies in Action” .   Our Prayer is to be a small part of the Olympic team that Funds  research to attain the goal during our Journey of   “ A Life Without Cancer “


Daniel  & Edwina Amoroso

Amoroso Baking Company





Dr. Bryan Czerniecki’s breast cancer vaccine is revolutionary and it is changing lives for the last 12 years. It is too good to be true, but it is a proven truth and I have witnessed this from working along with the whole team for the last 3 years and hearing testimonials from various patients who received this breakthrough life changing vaccine.


My name is Robby Chacko, CEO of PUMEX Technologies and founder of Dream Violet foundation. I came to know about this research through one of my good friend and was introduced to Uschi Keszler and Pennies in Action. For the last 3 years I was so amazed beyond words to see Uschi's extreme energy, vibrant enthusiasm and commitment to spread the good news about the vaccine and raising funds to support this research. Uschi’s magnetic personality attracts the right people to this mission and she has the true potential to take this whole mission to its promise land which is “For a life without cancer”. Her nonjudgmental attitude towards life (both personal and professional) defeats all the brick walls and political correctness which creates a web of volunteers and supporters for Pennies in Action.


Pennies in Action is a very unique non profit organization. I have never seen another foundation which is consistent with its messaging from inception to date and continues to grow consistently with a mature leadership. 8 years of service to Dr. Czerniecki’s research with no employees and less overheads— and 95% of its funds directly going towards the research is highly unheard of in the non profit industry especially in the cancer domain. Its truly a phenomenon!!!



Robby Chacko



Eight years ago, Uschi Keszler assured me that she could raise enough money for us to perfect our promising cancer vaccine technology. Being fully aware that this was a multi-million dollar prospect over the course of many years, I didn’t know how a single person with no direct experience in attracting money for biomedical research could supply even a small fraction of our needs.


But I also confess that, at the time, I didn’t know Uschi Keszler.


Uschi Keszler was the West German National skating champion and an Olympics qualifier until a bout of tuberculosis resulting in an 8-month hospital stay cut short her personal skating career. Never one to let setbacks deter her, she switched gears, emigrated to the United States, and became a highly sought after choreographer and skating coach, during which time she developed the innovative “hydroblading” skating technique that she used to train the likes of Olympic Medalists Brian Orser and Elvis Stojko.


Uschi has often told me that she uses the same “Olympian” mindset in her efforts to eradicate cancer that she used in selecting and training skating champions. Typically organizations, both private and governmental  that support biomedical research, distribute funds to a wide variety of investigators pursuing a vast array of approaches, in the hopes that one or more of them will strike upon an important finding or innovation that has the potential to improve cancer treatment. This support usually lasts for 4-5 years, after which the investigator must re-apply for funding which may or not come, depending on the caprices of research priorities or availability of funds.  In contrast, Uschi believes that after a point it becomes possible to identify talent and innovation in an investigator and his approach to treating cancer. These individuals can then be selected for intensified, consistent support that will see their discoveries all the way through to a new treatment that can change the lives of cancer patients. This approach is analogous to identifying a young skating talent and developing it until it reaches Olympic medalist status.


In 2008 Uschi met Dr. Brian Czerniecki as one of his patients, and learned of his new approach to vaccinate patients with early breast cancer prior to their scheduled surgery. Brian was already a successful and respected surgical oncologist at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, but this new treatment was clearly his standout achievement. Brian’s treatment, funded in its initial stages by the NIH, could induce powerful immune responses in virtually every patient, could eliminate tumors in over 30% of those he vaccinated, and evidence was already accumulating that the vaccinated patients had measurable anti-cancer immunity over 11 years after vaccination, and did not see later recurrence of their disease. In Brian Uschi had found her Olympic hopeful, and decided to bring her considerable personal and professional resources to bear with the goal of helping him develop his vaccine as a standard-of-care treatment for breast cancer. Perhaps most exciting of all, there is a good possibility that the vaccine will also help with other cancers, including colorectal, pancreatic, prostate, kidney, lung, ovarian, and perhaps even melanoma and some forms of brain cancer.


Uschi then went to work, founding Pennies in Action, a 501c charitable organization with the goal of attracting the resources to allow Dr. Czerniecki to complete his work. Uschi found enthusiastic support among Brian’s other patients, who felt his vaccine greatly improved their treatment experience, and may have actually saved their lives. These individuals formed her initial cadre of volunteers dedicated to eradicating cancer through the development of Dr. Czerniecki’s vaccine.


Not only is Pennies in Action unique in its steady commitment to an investigator from early clinical trials all the way to deployment of a new cancer treatment available to all, it is also distinguished by the uncommonly low overhead, and consequently high percentage of collected funds that actually goes toward biomedical research.   As a citizen, and also as a biomedical researcher, I am often dismayed by the fat salaries and lavish accommodations claimed by the administrators of most “charitable” foundations that collect money for cancer research, but divert only a small fraction of the donations to the worthy cause. This is not the case with Uschi Keszler’s Pennies in Action. She heads an all-volunteer staff of individuals that believes in her mission just as she does, and their reward is not an endless series of catered dinners and first-class accommodations, but rather the satisfaction of bringing to other cancer sufferers the same breakthrough treatment that many of them personally experienced.


As Dr. Czerniecki’s long-time colleague and collaborator in developing this vaccine technology, I have had a ring-side seat observing how Uschi Keszler and Pennies in Action has been an indispensable factor in allowing this vaccine technology to move forward, and allowing patients access to the vaccine while it is under continuing development.  The word is getting out regarding this vaccine, and we have had patients traveling from around the country from such far-away states as California, Oklahoma and Florida to receive vaccination. It is my understanding that a patient from New Zealand is also going to register in the trial. With NIH approving only 6-9% of all grant applications, it has become virtually impossible to secure reliable funding that will advance the research and allow treatment of patients. Without Pennies in Action, this work would have been shelved long ago due to lack of available funds. Uschi Keszler’s exemplary dedication to the cause, and fastidious stewardship of the donations entrusted to her make her the ideal person to head an organization purposed to attracting funds for biomedical research leading to better treatments, and a cure for cancer. Uschi Keszler and her organization, and her cause deserve your support.


 Sincerely Yours,

Gary K. Koski, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Kent State University

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