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USCHI KESZLER is an Olympic athlete and coach, and double cancer survivor. Having survived TB in her youth, and more recently survived both breast and uterine cancer, Uschi is determined to see cancer cured in her lifetime. She founded Pennies in Action® in 2007 and has been instrumental in raising funds for Dr. Brian Czerniecki's breakthrough vaccine.

Dear friends, since the inception of Pennies in Action®, I have devoted the last seven years of my life to finding a solution for cancer. This is about the same amount of time it took me to get to the Olympics from the time I started competitive figure skating. Having spent so much time with this cause I have learned many things and gained invaluable insight on the way cancer research and treatment is approached.


As you may know, I had TB, breast and uterine cancer, thus to only head a breast cancer organization was insufficient. Since my treatment of TB, I saw it being conquered and the lung sanatoriums changing into old age homes and hotels.

When I got diagnosed with cancer it  was  always my vision and dream to see a life without cancer and cancer centers becoming immunotherapy centers.


The sad thing that came to light is that the success of research and treatment seems to be based on how much money it will make and not how good it is for the patients.  I have questioned many people in the health industry and no one has contradicted this theory. Naturally this is not acceptable to those of us who are patients. Power is in numbers that unite.


I am proud to announce Pennies in Action’s new initiative “Patients in Action™”


Everyone who joins us in  is immediately a “Patients in Action™” member.

The word cancer is not in the name, as we anticipate moving into other areas when we reach our cancer goals.


I am excited to announce that vaccine recipient, Melissa Nicholas, will be the executive director of the Patients in Action Division. Look for the new page on the web site


I am so thrilled to make this announcement.  Let’s all join and become “the ultimate anti-cancer movement.”


Create the solution and show the world what people can do when they have a strategy, a plan, and start executing it with laser focus.... and shared vision, mission and values!


Have a wonderful Holiday Season,


Uschi Keszler


Pennies in Action Foundation



Dr. Brian Czerniecki MD, PhD and his team at the University of Pennsylvania have created a breakthrough breast cancer vaccine. The vaccine has ZERO toxins, NO SIDE EFFECTS, is BIODEGRADABLE and is activated using the patient's own white blood cells.


In 10 years, NONE of the patients who received the vaccine has had a recurrence.


A Randomized Trial of HER-2/neu Pulsed DC1 Vaccine for Patients with DCIS


OUR MISSION To remove the threat of cancer one vaccine at a time.


OUR VISION A life without cancer and for a better world.


VALUES Compassionate, Hands On, Patient Driven, Solution Driven

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